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Dan didn’t blog it yet, but we got a 1st.


Contemporary Theatre Making Showings 10th Dec.

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10am Studio Theatre – Tara Arts

10.30am Sutherland House to Boilerhouse – Shunt

11.00 Boilerhouse – Bread and Puppet

Afternoon – all in Boilerhouse

2pm Forced Entertainment

2.30 Improbable

3.00 Trestle

You are required to watch all of the shows exept the one scheduled directly before your own. (Info from Dan)

We should meet 1pm or 12pm to rehers one last time? Or what does peole think?


Megan’s opening speech

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You may have gathered that you are going to die tonight.  You shouldn’t be grave about this; there is an upside, for we will endeavour to give you a performance of a lifetime, one that you will never forget.  We have lined up for you a spectacle of events that will make you die of laughter.  Entertainment is what we do best and I promise you, you have never experienced, or will ever experience, a night quite like this.  This show will be something that you will treasure for the rest of your lives (however short they may be) – one that you will take with you to the grave…


I am SO entertaining

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My character is basically a gameshow host. I am very smiley, in a not-quite-but-sort-of-like-First-Night way. I gesticulate frequently and make patronizingly affable comments whenever I am given the chance. I desperately want everyone to love me, and I think that I am doing a great job at it.


my character

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My character is pretty destructive but i dont carry the same one through for the whole performance.  I find that my true character is the ‘dark horse’ who appears pretty gormless in most scenes.  I then become the act of extreme destruction on becoming wasted and extremely frustrated and a little cuckoo at the end.(mad). 

Time outlining for “The FE show”

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The forced entertainment show

We should really come up with a name; everyone put a suggestion on the blog.

 The Beginning scene·         Georgie´s speech.                                                                        1, 30 min

Transaction sign: ?

 Meam´s stripping and Megans speech                                                      2, 00 min

Transaction sign: Fairy starts music.

 Sign sequins

  • First talk with signs
  • Dance with signs.
  • Waive at the end and go back to the back wall.                           2, 30 min

Transaction sign: Music is turned down and then off.

 The yoke scene                                                                                            1, 30 min

Transaction sign: Music is turned on.

 The party scene                                                                                           2, 00 min

Transaction sign: Music turned off.

 The Interview – scene.                                                                                 4. 00 min

Transaction sign: ?

 Noah’s monologue                                                                                      2, 00min

Transaction sign: ?

 I’m sorry you never – scene

  • First sad mood
  • Then abuse the audience                                                                2, 00 min

Transaction sign: Fairy runs over stage with a sign.

 The end scene

  • Sophie goes mental
  • Sophie is put in a bag
  • The others bow and go of stage.
  • Rachel and the fairy go of with a sign.                                         2, 00 min

                                                                                        Total: 19, 30 min                           

…with 30 seconds slingringsmonn = tolerance.  

Plan for last week of rehearsal:

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Monday 3ed Dec 2-5pm: Run through the show whit costumes, music, props, etc. Work on individual scenes that need to be worked on. Make the transactions between the scenes clear and time the sections.

Wednesday 5th Dec 4-6pm (Rehearsal room B): Run though the show, make it perfect.

Friday 7th Dec 2-5pm (Rehearsal room B): Run through the show again. Final touch.

Monday 10th Dec, 2pm: Performance Boilerhouse.